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Porto-Covo Best Beaches | Beach Guide

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  • Praia dos Buizinhos - Porto Covo

    The closest beach to the centre of Porto Côvo, Praia dos Buizinhos is small but perfectly formed. Backed by a semi-circle of cliffs and with lots of rocks just offshore this is generally one of the most sheltered...

    Porto Côvo
  • Porto Covo - Praia Grande

    Praia Grande (big beach) is the main beach of the little Alentejo resort of Porto Covo. In keeping with such a pretty village the beach is equally charming with a wide stretch of golden sand backed by high cliffs....

    Porto Côvo
    Blue Flag beach
  • Praia da Cerca Nova

    The smallish cove of Praia da Cerca Nova is located just around the northern headland of Porto Covo's main beach. In fact on a low tide it is possible to walk around on the sand...

    Porto Côvo
  • Praia do Serro da Águia

    There are a number of lovely little coves along the coast between the industrial town of Sines and holiday resort of Porto Côvo. Praia do Serro da Águia is one such of these and perhaps the prettiest.


    Porto Côvo
  • Praia do Samoqueira - Porto Covo

    This beautiful and rugged Alentejan beach is located just a few kilometres north of Porto Covo. As well as a good stretch of golden sand it also has masses to explore. There are caves, rock formations, a huge low...

    Porto Côvo
  • Praia da Ilha Pessegueiro

    This sandy stretch is situated a few kilometres to the south of the popular resort of Porto Covo. With its backdrop of sand dunes and scrubland beyond it has a fairly wild feel to it. This is somewhat contradicted (...

    Porto Côvo
  • Praia do Morgavel

    This wide, sandy beach is located just to the south of Sines, although if you came here out of season it might feel a long way from anywhere.

    Praia do Morgavel has something of a wild feel to it; a generous...

  • Praia do Malhão

    The Praia do Malhão is wide open sandy beach just over 5km to the north of Vila Nova de Milfontes. Set within the Southwest Alentejo...

    Vila Nova de Milfontes
    Naturist / Nudist beach
  • Praia de São Torpes - Sines

    Located just on the outskirts of Sines, the Praia de São Torpes is a Blue Flag award winning beach. It is easy to understand why, or not, depending on which way you look.

    Looking south, the sandy beach...

    Blue Flag beach
  • Praia do Burdo

    Praia do Burdo is a pretty little sandy cove located a few kilometres to the north of Vila Nova de Milfontes and to the south of Malhão beach. It is quite secluded, being a considerable distance from the nearest road...

    Vila Nova de Milfontes