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Praia do Malhão

Praia do Malhão
© J Ladeira
Praia do Malhão - Sul
© afloresm / Flickr / CC BY-SA 3.0
Praia do Malhão boardwalk
© Brigitte / Flickr / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Praia do Malhão is wide open sandy beach just over 5km to the north of Vila Nova de Milfontes. Set within the Southwest Alentejo Natural Park development here is prohibited so this is as wild and unspoiled beach as you will find on this coast.

This beach will appeal to beachgoers seeking a relatively remote spot with plenty of empty space not those expecting all the facilities close at hand. There are no cafes, lifeguards or sun-loungers here, just endless sand. What you will often find here are a handful fishermen and towards the northern end of the beach a few naturists.

Exposed to the full power of the Atlantic waves Praia do Malhão is also a popular spot with surfers given the right conditions. 

The southern end of Praia do Malhão becomes separated towards high tide by a rock formation known as the Galés, in fact this beach is sometimes called Praia das Galés. Here the sand dunes give way to gently sloping cliffs giving the beach a different character and some protection from the breeze.

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Praia do Malhão tide times

  • Mon 18th February

    High 01:15am (3.40m)
    Low 07:29am (0.58m)
    High 01:45pm (3.30m)
    Low 07:44pm (0.61m)
  • Tue 19th February

    High 02:04am (3.62m)
    Low 08:16am (0.40m)
    High 02:31pm (3.46m)
    Low 08:29pm (0.46m)
  • Wed 20th February

    High 02:49am (3.76m)
    Low 09:01am (0.30m)
    High 03:16pm (3.53m)
    Low 09:13pm (0.40m)
  • Thu 21st February

    High 03:33am (3.81m)
    Low 09:45am (0.29m)
    High 03:59pm (3.53m)
    Low 09:57pm (0.42m)

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