Porto-Covo Best Beaches | Beach Guide

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  • Praia Vasco da Gama - Sines

    Praia Vasco da Gama is Sines' town beach. Given most people only think of the town here as something of an industrial port you may well be very pleasantly surprised by this crescent of golden sand.


    Blue Flag beach
  • Vila Nova de Milfontes

    Praia da Franquia is one of Vila Nova de Milfontes main beaches. Tucked away from the coast on the northern bank of the River Mira, this is probably the most sheltered beach in the area. This makes it a great family...

    Vila Nova de Milfontes
    Blue Flag beach Accessible beach
  • Praia do Farol - Vila Nova de Milfontes

    Farol is the Portuguese for "lighthouse" and this is where the Praia do Farol gets its name. The beach wraps around the sandy headland at the mouth of the Mira River which is home to Vila Nova de Milfontes' somewhat...

    Vila Nova de Milfontes
  • Praia das Furnas - Vila Nova de Milfontes

    The beach of Praia das Furnas sits across the river Mira from Vila Nova de Milfontes. It could be considered two distinct beaches as it wraps around the coast with one side facing into the calm waters of the Mira...

    Vila Nova de Milfontes