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Lagos Best Beaches | Beach Guide

Chances are if you're visiting Lagos then you will be looking forward to spending a good deal of time on the beach - in which case you won't be disappointed. Lagos is in fact home to some of the very best beaches the Algarve has to offer. Not only are there great beaches right on the town's doorstep, there are a number of beaches to choose from, all offering something different. From the cozy intimate coves of Praia de Dona Ana and Camilo with their spectacular  rock formations to the seemingly endless stretch of fine sand at Meia Praia.

Many visitors to Lagos don't feel the need to explore further than the town beach of Praia da Batata - which is within easy walking distance of Lagos. However, those who do will be rewarded with some of the Algarve's most pristine and alluring beaches such as the wide sandy Porto do Mós. This is a great option during the peak summer months when the beaches closest to Lagos can become rather busy.

Wherever you head be sure to pack your sunscreen and a word of warning; the sea temperature at this end of the Algarve tends to be surprisingly cold year round due to the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean.

What are the Best and Closest Beaches to Lagos?

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  • Meia Praia - Lagos

    Literally translating to 'half beach', this vast expanse of sand near the interesting old town of Lagos wraps itself around one of the biggest bays in Europe. The wide bay offers protection from...

    Blue Flag beach Naturist / Nudist beach Accessible beach
  • Praia São Roque

    Technically speaking Praia de São Roque doesn't exist as a beach in its own right and is generally considered to be part of the vast crescent of sand that is Meia Praia. The...

  • Praia da Batata - Lagos

    Along with the neighbouring Praia do Cais da Solária, Praia da Batata is the closest beach to Lagos' town centre. Just a few minutes walk from all of the town's amenities this is the easiest option around. On the...

    Blue Flag beach Accessible beach
  • Praia do Pinhão - Lagos

    To describe the little cove of Praia do Pinhão as a hidden gem might be going a little to far, but it is certainly a gem, and by Lagos standards somewhat hidden.

    Tucked away at the bottom of the steep ochre...

  • Praia Dona Ana - Lagos

    Praia da Dona Ana is often cited as the best beach on the Algarve, in fact it was even described as the 'best beach in the World' by magazine Condé Nast Traveller. That's quite a lot to live up to!

    Dona Ana...

    Blue Flag beach
  • Praia do Camilo - Lagos

    Along with neighbouring Praia Dona Ana, the beach of Camilo is Lagos' (if not one of the Algarve's) iconic beach. Whilst Dona Ana may have the slight edge when it comes to outlandish, cohre rock formations and...

    Blue Flag beach
  • Praia dos Pinheiros - Lagos

    Praia dos Pinheiros is another of the amazing Lagos beaches which lie in the shelter of Ponta da Piedade. This is probably one of the most secluded little coves along this stretch of coast and access is courtesy of a...

    Naturist / Nudist beach
  • Praia do Canavial and Porto Mos

    Praia do Canavial sits just to the west of Lagos' famous Ponta de Piedade. This is the other side to all the much-photographed and well known coves with their iconic rock formations and calm, crystal clear waters....

  • Praia do Porto de Mós

    Praia de Porto de Mós is one of the longest beaches in the Lagos area, stretching for well over a kilometre; only Meia Praia on the other side of the town is bigger. This is yet another fine Algarve...

    Blue Flag beach Accessible beach
  • Praia da Balança - Lagos

    The little cove of Praia da Balança lies just within the shelter of the rocky Ponta da Piedade headland. This whole stretch of coast is defined by the eroded sandstone rocks which have been moulded into a variety of...




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One of the most popular tourist destinations on the Algarve and certainly one of my favourites, Lagos is a bustling town full of activity, nightlife and modern attractions. However, it is also a town full of history and the monuments...

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