Praia do Pinhão

Praia do Pinhão
© dronepicr / CC BY-SA 3.0
Praia do Pinhão
© Lacobrigo / CC BY-SA 3.0
Praia do Pinhão
© Tibor Kovacs / CC BY-SA 3.0

To describe the little cove of Praia do Pinhão as a hidden gem might be going a little to far, but it is certainly a gem, and by Lagos standards somewhat hidden.

Tucked away at the bottom of the steep ochre cliffs that stretch along the coast towards Ponta da Piedade the beach at Praia do Pinhão is only really obvious to those who are looking for it. It is accessed by a steep stone stairway that makes its way down the cliff in a series of terraces.

Whilst the little beach here shares the same crystal clear waters and fascinating rock formations as the neighbouring beaches of Praia Dona Ana and Camilo it is somewhat less touched by the hand of commercialism. In other words there are no facilities here. So if you are looking for loungers, parasols and a beach bar, Praia do Pinhão is probably not for you. However, if you are looking for a the chance of some early morning solitude and feeling a little closer to nature, then this may be the beach for you.

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Praia do Pinhão tide times

  • Thu 21st September
    Low 12:08am (1.13m)
    High 6:28am (2.88m)
    Low 12:33pm (1.19m)
    High 6:55pm (2.74m)
  • Fri 22nd September
    Low 12:55am (1.31m)
    High 7:22am (2.74m)
    Low 1:35pm (1.34m)
    High 8:04pm (2.57m)
  • Sat 23rd September
    Low 2:05am (1.47m)
    High 8:42am (2.63m)
    Low 3:10pm (1.43m)
    High 9:44pm (2.51m)
  • Sun 24th September
    Low 3:50am (1.52m)
    High 10:22am (2.68m)
    Low 4:57pm (1.32m)
    High 11:20pm (2.63m)

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