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Welcome to the Portugal Guide's Where to Stay section. Here you will find listings and detailed information on all types of accommodation in the Portugal ranging from budget holiday rental villas through to luxury hotels. A holiday in Portugal offers something for everyone. From the bustling cosmopolitan capital of Lisbon, with its splendid architecture to the sun drenched Algarve coast we're here to help you choose your perfect Portuguese holiday accommodation.

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Whichever part of the country you will be visiting, there will be a range of available accommodation options. Whether your choice is most influenced by location, budget, amenities, or family friendliness, we'll help you navigate the main alternatives.

If camping is your thing, Portugal has got you covered. Scattered all over the country are sites where you can bring your RV, camper van or motorhome. The amenities on offer vary from basic to luxurious. It is also possible to camp outside designated campsites, but restrictions will apply.

At the cheaper end of the accommodation spectrum, you might choose to hire a room in a private home, or rent a guest house. The basic budget option among these might come with no bathroom or breakfast, but higher on the scale you would be offered breakfast and an en suite bathroom.

Another budget-friendly option are youth hostels. As their name implies, you might get dormitory-style accommodation that reminds you of school trips. However, you might be lucky enough to find a family room or double room with en suite bathroom.

If you prefer hotels, your choices range from one to five-star level comforts, with every other option in between. At the more bare bones end of the spectrum, expect basic provision of a bed and no en suite bathroom. If you choose the budget option, bear in mind that there might not be air conditioning. This might make a major difference to your comfort in the hot season, or in the few parts of Portugal where it gets cold in the winter.

Worthy of mention among Portugal's hotels are the chain of "pousadas." These were once historic buildings such as convents, castles and monasteries that have now been repurposed into luxurious tourist lodgings. These four or five star hotels can be found all over the country.

For many, self-catering apartments or villas are the ideal accommodation choice. They offer the comforts and freedom of home, but with better weather and scenery. If you're travelling in a large group, a multi-bedroomed holiday villa will offer more room and flexibility than a hotel.If you choose to stay in the countryside, an excellent option would be one of several privately-owned manor houses. These will vary on a scale of grandness from simple farmhouses to palaces.

While planning your accommodation, it's also important to consider the time of year. If you plan to visit in high season, prices will likely be higher and vacancies difficult to get unless you book months in advance.

With all this in mind, browse through our extensive listing of holiday accommodations.