3 of the Best Beaches in Leiria

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  • Praia da Concha
    Vitor Oliveira / Portuguese Eyes | BY-SA

    Praia da Concha is a small and cozy cove located less than a couple of kilometres from the town of Marinha Grande. The name means "seashell beach" and this refers to the shape of the cove which is cut into the cliffs.

    Access to the beach is via a pair of wooden walkways and steps on either side of the beach.


  • Praia de São Pedro de Moel
    Francisco Miguel Rodrigues

    Praia de São Pedro de Moel is a pleasant little coastal resort just over a kilometre west of Marinha Grande. Follow the cobbled streets through the low-rise whitewashed houses and you are bound to find the beach, and a fine beach it is too!

    The beach stretches off from the cliffs at the town end as far as neighbouring Praia das Valeiras when the tide is out. Towards high tide things become a little cosier but at the town end the beach runs back quite a long way where it meets the...


  • Praia de Vieira
    Threeohsix | BY-SA

    Set between the river Lis and the ancient pine forest of Pinhal de Leiria is the resort of Praia da Vieira. There are plenty of places to eat and things to do along the beachfront including the Mariparque water park.

    To the south the beach stretches off for several kilometres with a backdrop of low sand dunes and pine forest.



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