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Praia de São Pedro de Moel

Praia de São Pedro de Moel Praia de São Pedro de Moel
© Francisco Miguel Rodrigues

Praia de São Pedro de Moel is a pleasant little coastal resort just over a kilometre west of Marinha Grande. Follow the cobbled streets through the low-rise whitewashed houses and you are bound to find the beach, and a fine beach it is too!

The beach stretches off from the cliffs at the town end as far as neighbouring Praia das Valeiras when the tide is out. Towards high tide things become a little cosier but at the town end the beach runs back quite a long way where it meets the attractive town square.

The Praia de São Pedro de Moel is quite exposed to the Atlantic swells. Whilst this can make for good surfing it is often a little breezy.

With such close proximity to the town there are no shortage of facilities here.

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Praia de São Pedro de Moel tide times

  • Sat 26th September

    Low 5:43am (1.48m)
    High 12:02pm (2.68m)
    Low 6:39pm (1.31m)
  • Sun 27th September

    High 12:51am (2.60m)
    Low 7:01am (1.38m)
    High 1:11pm (2.80m)
    Low 7:41pm (1.16m)
  • Mon 28th September

    High 1:49am (2.74m)
    Low 7:54am (1.24m)
    High 2:02pm (2.95m)
    Low 8:25pm (1.02m)
  • Tue 29th September

    High 2:31am (2.88m)
    Low 8:35am (1.10m)
    High 2:41pm (3.08m)
    Low 9:01pm (0.91m)

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