Praia da Concha

Praia da Concha Praia da Concha
© Vitor Oliveira / Portuguese Eyes / CC BY-SA 3.0

Praia da Concha is a small and cozy cove located less than a couple of kilometres from the town of Marinha Grande. The name means "seashell beach" and this refers to the shape of the cove which is cut into the cliffs.

Access to the beach is via a pair of wooden walkways and steps on either side of the beach.

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Praia da Concha tide times

  • Fri 20th May
    Low 12:40am (0.81m)
    High 6:53am (2.99m)
    Low 12:54pm (1.00m)
    High 7:16pm (3.14m)
  • Sat 21st May
    Low 1:39am (0.97m)
    High 7:54am (2.81m)
    Low 1:54pm (1.19m)
    High 8:19pm (2.98m)
  • Sun 22nd May
    Low 2:48am (1.12m)
    High 9:07am (2.67m)
    Low 3:07pm (1.34m)
    High 9:32pm (2.86m)
  • Mon 23rd May
    Low 4:08am (1.19m)
    High 10:27am (2.62m)
    Low 4:31pm (1.39m)
    High 10:50pm (2.82m)

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