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Things to do in Lamego

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  • Lamego Sanctuary Nossa Senhora

    Set atop a baroque staircase with 686 steps is the shrine and rococo church. To either side of the staircase is dense woodland with furtherr pathways and shrines

  • Lamego Museum

    Lamego's regional museum sits within the walls of the 18th century episcopal palace (bishop's palace) and contains some of the finest examples of religious art to be found anywhere in Portugal. Much of the collection was built up over the...

  • Sé de Lamego - Cathedral

    The fine cathedral in Lamego is a mix of Gothic and Renaissance architecture dating back a far as the 12th century. This makes the Sé de Lamego the oldest cathedral in all of Portugal, although the only surviving feature from this time is the...

  • Tomb of Bishop of Porto - São Pedro de Balsemão

    Despite the relatively recent Baroque styling of the facade the Chapel of São Pedro de Balsemão is in fact one of the most ancient churches in Portugal. The site possibly dates back to the 7th century when it may have been used as a sanctuary by...


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Nestled among the terraced slopes of the Douro valley port wine-growing region, and overlooked by an ornate shrine, the town of Lamego is elegant and infused with Baroque style.


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