Sé de Lamego

Sé de Lamego
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Lamego Cathedral interior
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Cloisters - Sé de Lamego
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Lamego Cathedral

The fine cathedral in Lamego is a mix of Gothic and Renaissance architecture dating back a far as the 12th century. This makes the Sé de Lamego the oldest cathedral in all of Portugal, although the only surviving feature from this time is the Romanesque base of the bell tower. 

Dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption (Sé Catedral de Nossa Senhora da Assunção) Lameg Cathedral was built on the site of an older chapel and consecrated in 1175.

Much of the cathedral's facade was constructed in the 15th century. This includes the striking central section with its triple portico adorned in Manueline decor - the finest example in the region.

The church's interior doesn't quite match with the facade as it is much more recent, being mostly 18th century. It is however notable for the beautiful biblical frescoes which adorn the ceiling along with a host of other features which are the work of the master of Baroque in this part of the world - Nicolau Nasoni. 

Beyond the main chapel is a small two-storey cloister built in the Mannerist style. This comprises of a around a dozen fine stone arches and a central fountain.

Adjoined to the cathedral's facade is the old Bishops' Palace which is now home to the Lamego Museum. 

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Nestled among the terraced slopes of the Douro valley port wine-growing region, and overlooked by an ornate shrine, the town of Lamego is elegant and infused with Baroque style.