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Things to do in Braga

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  • Imposing 12th century castle built on the site of earlier fortifications. The castle was the official royal residence from 1139 until the 13th century. Now classified by UNESCO, as World Heritage

  • 15th century residence of Afonso, Count of Barcelos, the future Dukes of Braganca. Now a National Monument, after years of ruin the palace has been restored to its former glory

  • Built between 1070 and 1093 on the remains of a Roman temple the Sé has had many facelifts over the years. The present day styling is a mixture of the Gothic and Baroque.

  • The Santuario do Bom Jesus do Monte is located inTenões, just outside Braga. It is apparently Portugal's most photographed church and there are a host of reasons for this.

  • Located in a 16th century manor house, the museum has a permanent collection of furniture, ceramics, glass and clocks displayed in situ to recreate the decor of an 18th century manor house

  • Collection of works by artist Henrique Medina comprising of portraits, still life and landscapes

  • Archeological exhibits including Palaeolithic, Neolithic and Bronze age implements, Pre-historic and Luso-Roman pottery. Museum also features part of a Roman Villa in the original location.

  • Work began on the Basilica of the Igreja dos Congregados in the early 18th century when baroque styling was all the rage.

  • The Igreja de São Paulo (St Paul) is a small, austere looking 16th-century church built by the Jesuits. By contrast, the interior is an explosion of lavish baroque

  • Late 19th-century domed church on the outskirts of Braga looking out over the Minho