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  • Marvão Castle view

    The sweeping view from the 13th century Marvão castle which is perched atop this hilltop village in Northern Alentejo. The castle was built to protect the Serra of Alto Alentejo from the Spanish just across the nearby border.

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  • Praia Grande

    Looking out over Praia Grande from the high cliffs at the southern end of the beach. Praia Grande is one of the closest beaches to Sintra and its vast expanse of golden sand makes it a popular choice.

    In this photo you can clearly see the outdoor swimming pool with Praia Pequena just behind. The houses clinging to the cliffs beyond the first headland overlook Praia das Macas, another popular beach.

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  • Carcovelos Beach and Sao Juliao Fort

    View of the Forte Sao Juliao da Barra (Saint Julian Fort) at the eastern end of Carcavelos beach. Presumably the fort is set here to defend the entrance to the Tejo river and Lisbon a few Km upstream.

    Carcavelos is one of the most popular beaches around being the closest large, sandy beach to Lisbon. If you look the opposite direction from here there is a large stretch of golden sand.

    The beach here is also one of the best surf spots in Portugal. Consistent throughout the winter, this beachbreak is known for its powerful, barelling waves.

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  • Old Train Station - Aveiro

    The lovely old train station in Aveiro is decorated with some fine azulejo tiles depicting life in the city in the last century.

    Aveiro has a new railway station now, situated right next to this one.

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  • Marvão Castle

    Set high on the serra of Alto Alentejo near the border with Spain is the tiny village of Marvão with its 13th century castle.

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  • Alfama rooftops

    Looking out over the rooftops of the Alfama towards Lisbon's cathedral. This is the old part of town and the cathedral (Sé de Lisboa) is reputedly the oldest building in Lisbon, dating back to 1150.

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