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  • Parede beach

    The beach at Parede is a pleasant stretch of sand which backs onto an raised esplanade. Above this is the main "Marginal" coast road which runs between Lisbon and Cascais, which you can just make out here.

    The road was constructed in the 1940s and a fair chunk of Parede beach was built over in the process.

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  • Praia da Falésia from above

    An aerial view of Praia da Falésia (beach) which is situated about halfway between Albufeira and Quarteira. The name of the beach comes from the distinctive red cliffs which back onto it

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  • Sé de Faro (Cathedral) at night

    The cathedral (or Sé) in Faro dates back to the 13th century when the town was reconquered from the Moors. Work began almost immediately on this, the church of Santa Maria.

    Much of what you see dates back to this time, although the church was extended and also repaired after the 1755 earthquake. It is a different story for the interior though. In 1596 British troops under the command of the Earl of Essex looted and burned the cathedral, gutting it. However, the wood carving and gilding that replaced the original interior are suitably sumptuous and will not dissapoint.

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  • Ribeira Beach - Cascais

    Ribeira beach is closest and easily accessible from the centre of the old part of Cascais town. Also known as Fishermen’s beach it is, as you would imagine, a popular beach in the summer. The esplenade it backs on to is often lined with craft stalls selling everything from local pottery to erm, African carved giraffes!

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  • Monserrate Palace

    The Monserrate Palace in Sintra is was built for Francis Cook, Viscount Monserrate in 1858.

    The Romantic-Orientalist style owes something to Brighton Pavilion. That was built by John Nash, the Monserrate Palace is the work of James Knowles Jr.

    Within architectural context of Sintra the palace is perfectly at home.

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  • Lagos harbour

    Small fishing boats at anchor in the Algarve town of Lagos. As with most Algarve towns there is a strong fishing heritage here in Lagos and it continues to this day. Lagos as also been the start of many maritime adventures with the likes of Henry the Navigator and Vasco da Gama launching expeditions from here.

    Despite becoming a popular holiday resort Lagos still manages to retain much of its charm. with its bustling harbour and old town.

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  • Burgau Beach

    The beach at Burgau, a small, relatively quiet fishing village between Lagos and Sagres

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  • Silves Castle

    View up to the Moorish castle which overlooks the Algarve town of Silves.

    This large castle is said to be the best example of a Moorish castle to be found in Portuga.

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