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  • Largo Dom Dinis - Coimbra University

    Largo Dom Dinis in Coimbra's university. The modern part of the universtiy were built during the Salazar dictatorship which explains the modernist, almost eastern block feel to the area

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  • Praia da Duquesa - Cascais

    View of the Praia da Duquesa in Cascais. The straw parasols are put out in the summer months when it is one of the most popular beaches around. The beach gets its name from Palace of the Dukes of Palmela which overlooks the it.

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  • Loulé Castle

    There have been castles in Loulé since the time of the Romans. Since that time the site has been occupied by the Moors and the Spanish. The current Loulé Castle was built mainly in the 13th century and comprises of three towers. It is home to the town's archaeological museum.

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  • Praia da Bordeira

    Peeking over the dunes and past the river towards the vast expanse of sand that is Bordeira. At low tide this beach stretches for around 3km up the coast.

    This is the exposed west coast of the Algarve and has a much wilder feel than around the corner. Instead of cliffs there are sand dunes and the waves here are far bigger and more powerful.

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  • Archbishop's Palace and Gardens - Braga

    The Archiepiscopal Court (Paço Arquiepiscopal), also known as the Old Archbishop's Palace in Braga. There are three distinct wings to the palace, all dating back to different times and with different styling. This is the Eastern wing which looks out over the Santa Barbara Garden. It is mainly Gothic in style and dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries.

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  • Church of São Lourenço - Almancil

    The Church of São Lourenço (Igreja de São Lourenço) in Almancil dates back to the late 1600s. It is a fine example of a whitewashed Algarvian church built in the Baroque style. It features an large azulejo tile over the main door depicting Saint Lawrence of Rome which as added in 1730.

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  • Sameiro Sanctuary

    The impressive Sameiro Sanctuary (or Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sameiro to give it its full name) is located on the outskirts of the city of Braga. It is relatively recent, having been built in 1863. The domed structure is dedicated to Mary, making this the largest Marian shrine in Portugal

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  • Vicentine Coast near Sagres

    Looking along the sheer cliffs that form this part of the Vicentine Coast near Sagres.

    The South East Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park is around 100km of protected coast stretching from Burgau, in the Algarve up to Porto Covo in the Alentejo.

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  • Sé de Faro (Cathedral) at night

    The cathedral (or Sé) in Faro dates back to the 13th century when the town was reconquered from the Moors. Work began almost immediately on this, the church of Santa Maria.

    Much of what you see dates back to this time, although the church was extended and also repaired after the 1755 earthquake. It is a different story for the interior though. In 1596 British troops under the command of the Earl of Essex looted and burned the cathedral, gutting it. However, the wood carving and gilding that replaced the original interior are suitably sumptuous and will not dissapoint.

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