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  • Praia do Garrão - Algarve

    Located in the Algarve's 'Golden Triangle' Praia do Garrão is yet another fantastic sandy beach within striking distance of the Vale do Lobo resort. In the distance you can make out the beachfront apartments and hotels of Quarteira.

    As a Blue Flag beach there are plenty of facilities here and the beach is both accessible and lifeguarded.

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  • Peninsula War Monument - Boavista, Porto

    This is the Monument to the Heroes of the Peninsular War in Porto. It is set in the middle of a huge and busy round-a-bout in the district of Boavista.

    The Peninsular War was fought between 1808 and 1814 with the British and Portuguese on one side and the French on the other. Spain was also involved with fighters on both sides. The war ended in victory for the Portuguese and British, which is what this monument celebrates. On top of the 20 metre column is a lion, representing the Portuguese and British, dominating an eagle, representing the forces of Napoleon.

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  • Pinhel

    View of the old quarter in the small town of Pinhel. The town is set in fairly remote mountainous terrain at the head of the Coa Valley. The castle here was once strategically important.

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  • Coimbra Fado Serenade

    A group of students from the university perform a fado serenade in the traditional student outfit that is still a common sight

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  • Mafra National Palace

    Mafra is a small, sleepy town around 50km north of Lisbon. I remember on my first visit here thinking that it was quite an unremarkable, but not unpleasant, little town. Then, bang! Suddenly I was looking at the most enormous, ornate building I'd seen anywhere in Portugal.

    Built as a convent in the early 18th century this was one of the biggest buildings in Europe at the time. At the time it served as both a Franciscan monastery and a royal palace. The real reason it was built in the seemingly obscure town of Mafra is it is close to very good hunting grounds in the nearby forests.

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  • Coimbra Garage

    Possibly the most ornate garage I've seen! This one is located in Coimbra and even has pump attendants

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  • Palace of Busaco Detail

    A closer look at the stunning Manueline architecture of the Palace of Busaco. Completed in 1907 the palace was intended as a retreat for the Portuguese monarchy

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