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  • Carmelite Convent - Bucaco

    The Carmelite Convent in Bucaco.

    Bussaco has a long history of religious settlement with Benedictine monks arriving in the 6th century. In the 17th century it was taken over by Carmelite monks who built a monastery and erected a wall around the surrounding forest

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  • Arrifana Beach

    The beach at Arrifana, near Aljezur, is on the Atlantic coast of the Algarve. Also known as the Costa Vicentina, this area is a protected Natural Park and a very different place to the holiday resorts along the south coast. This is fairly wild terrain, with steep cliffs rising out of the pounding Atlantic ocean.

    Arrifana is one of the best regarded surf spots in southern Portugal. There are several breaks along its length, but it is "Kangaroo Point" at the northern end where the real action takes place. It only breaks on a big swell and there are rocks everywhere, so be warned!

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  • Capela dos Ossos - Evora

    The Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of Bones) in Evora is a wonderfully macabre reminder of our own mortality. It is located to the rear of the Igreja de São Francisco and was built during the 16th century by one of the Franciscan monks who thought it a nice idea to make his fellow monks contemplate on their own mortality. It seems things got a little carried away as the inside is covered in over 5,000 skulls plus a couple of desiccated corpses dangling from the ceiling!

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  • Praia da Bordeira

    Peeking over the dunes and past the river towards the vast expanse of sand that is Bordeira. At low tide this beach stretches for around 3km up the coast.

    This is the exposed west coast of the Algarve and has a much wilder feel than around the corner. Instead of cliffs there are sand dunes and the waves here are far bigger and more powerful.

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  • Cantaro Magro - Serra da Estrela

    Cântaro Magro in the Serra da Estrela National Park.

    There is a breed of large, shaggy dog from this region named the Soneca do Cantaro Magro

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  • Benagil Sea Cave

    Located just to the east of the small sandy beach of Benagil is the Benagil sea cave. The large cave has two big, arch-like entrances and a collapsed roof. Inside is a circular grotto forming a sort of miniature, private beach.

    The cave is best reached by small boat or possibly a quick swim round from the beach - if it's calm.

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