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  • Cromleque dos Almendres

    A closer look at some of the standing stones that make up the Cromleque dos Almendres (Almendres Cromlech) near Evora. The megalithic complex here date back several thousand years to the Stone Age and is, in fact the largest of its type on the Iberian Peninsula. There are 95 granite stones arranged in several formations. Although its exact purpose may never be known it is thought to have some astrological significance.

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  • Coimbra Fado Serenade

    A group of students from the university perform a fado serenade in the traditional student outfit that is still a common sight

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  • Sameiro Sanctuary

    The impressive Sameiro Sanctuary (or Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sameiro to give it its full name) is located on the outskirts of the city of Braga. It is relatively recent, having been built in 1863. The domed structure is dedicated to Mary, making this the largest Marian shrine in Portugal

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  • São Pedro do Estoril Beach

    The beach at São Pedro do Estoril has always been one of my favourites along the Lisbon - Cascais line. With parking just off the Marginal road and a nice beach-side cafe I spent many a morning here with a galão and tosta-mista.

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  • Capelas Imperfeitas - Batalha Monastery

    The Capelas Imperfeitas (Unfinsihed Chapels) which are attached to the Mosteiro de Santa Maria da Vitória in Batalha. However, they cannot be accessed form the main monastery.

    The chapel was built as a mausoleum in the 15th century and were a farily plain affair. During the reign of Manuel they were decorated with unrivaled enthusiasm and seemingly unlimited funds

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  • Alfama rooftops

    Looking out over the rooftops of the Alfama towards Lisbon's cathedral. This is the old part of town and the cathedral (Sé de Lisboa) is reputedly the oldest building in Lisbon, dating back to 1150.

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