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Praia do Barranco

Praia do Barranco - Sagres Praia do Barranco© Rene Boulay / CC BY-SA 3.0

Praia do Barranco is a fairly secluded little beach a few kilometres along the Algarve coast from Sagres. Tucked well away from the ocean swells there is nothing in the way of surf here, unlike many of the neighbouring beaches. Instead you will find calm, clear turquoise waters, ideal for taking a dip in. Cliffs on the western side of the beach also provide some degree of shelter from the winds that this part of the coast is well known for.

The backdrop at Praia do Barranco is one of rolling green hills, and not a lot else. This is one of the few areas of the Algarve coast that have seemingly avoided development, and to a large extent tourism. It has something of a laid-back feel to it here and this applies to the dress code - clothes are optional.

Towards low tide there is a a good sized expanse of sand here. The beach is around 200 metres wide, but also goes back quite a long way. This makes it a good places for letting the dog of the lead, and it is popular with dog owners.

You won't find much in the way of facilities here but there is a car park just above the beach.

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Praia do Barranco tide times

  • Thu 21st February

    High 03:20am (3.77m)
    Low 09:33am (0.26m)
    High 03:46pm (3.51m)
    Low 09:46pm (0.41m)
  • Fri 22nd February

    High 04:04am (3.71m)
    Low 10:17am (0.36m)
    High 04:29pm (3.41m)
    Low 10:29pm (0.53m)
  • Sat 23rd February

    High 04:48am (3.55m)
    Low 11:00am (0.54m)
    High 05:14pm (3.25m)
    Low 11:14pm (0.71m)
  • Sun 24th February

    High 05:34am (3.31m)
    Low 11:46am (0.78m)
    High 06:01pm (3.05m)

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