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Slide and Splash waterpark
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Slide and Splash kids area
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Slide and Splash bird show
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Slide and Splash water slides
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Slide and Splash - Children Zone
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Slide & Splash is one of the Algarve's biggest and best water parks featuring a selection of water flumes, chutes, pools and aquatic fun that should appeal to all ages. Established in 1986 the park has grown to fill its sizeable site with fun-packed activities and new rides.

The main attractions here are the big water slides and you can probably guess a little about some of them from their names; Corkscrew, Banzai, Black Hole, Plunge, Tornado, Kamikaze and the new Big Wave. Most of these involve zooming down chutes of various steepness and twisty-ness at great speed before plunging into a pool.

These more adrenaline-fueled rides will appeal to older children (and grown ups!) but there are plenty of rides and activities for younger kids. In the Children's Zone there are shallow pools with mini slides and fountains all in appealing and colourful shapes.

If you fancy a break from all the sliding and splashing there are acres of lawns and landscaped gardens where you can relax on a sun lounger and not even have to worry about getting the sand out from between your toes! 

Whilst you are taking a break from the water-based fun there are a number of animal shows that take place in the park. These generally happen around the middle of the day and there are three different shows; Falconry, parrots & macaws and the reptiles show.

If you pace yourself there is enough to do at Slide and Splash for the best part of a day. There are cafes and a restaurant on site, or you can bring a picnic - with lockers available this is a convenient option. You will have plenty of other opportunities to spend money too; at the ice cream stand or in the gift shop where you can purchase a range of mementos including photo souvenirs of your day.

Safety is taken seriously at Slide & Splash, and there are plenty of lifeguards patrolling, first aid points and also a few regulations to be aware of. Firstly no bottles or glass is allowed in the park. In addition, no jewellery is to be worn on the slides.

Slide & Splash is located near the town of Lagoa, close to Portimao and roughly halfway between Lagos and Albufeira. It is easily accessible by car from the Algarve's main N125 and there is no shortage of visitor parking. For those without a car the park offers direct bus transfers from most of the major resorts along the Algarve coast.

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