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Praia das Moitas

Praia das Moitas

Set between the resort towns of Cascais and Estoril is the little strip of sand known as Praia das Moitas. The beach is actually located closer to Cascais but is very easily reached from Estoril train station by walking along the promenade that links the two resorts.

The main beach here is a triangle of sand which gathers just to the east of a long stone jetty, similar to that at neighbouring Praia do Tamariz. These jetties actually keep the sand in place as well as providing the local kids with something to jump off!

At the other end of Praia das Moitas is a small seawater swimming pool - the Piscina Oceânica Alberto Romano. This is free and open to the public making it a great spot for kids.

To the rear of the beach the view is somewhat dominated by the rather impressive Estoril Sol Residence, an huge ultra modern apartment block.

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Praia das Moitas tide times

  • Tue 21st February

    Low 04:52am (1.53m)
    High 11:02am (2.57m)
    Low 05:14pm (1.48m)
    High 11:32pm (2.74m)
  • Wed 22nd February

    Low 05:53am (1.37m)
    High 12:03pm (2.72m)
    Low 06:08pm (1.33m)
  • Thu 23rd February

    High 12:24am (2.92m)
    Low 06:39am (1.18m)
    High 12:49pm (2.89m)
    Low 06:51pm (1.15m)
  • Fri 24th February

    High 01:06am (3.11m)
    Low 07:18am (0.99m)
    High 01:29pm (3.06m)
    Low 07:29pm (0.97m)

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