Tamariz Beach

Tamariz beach
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Tamariz Beach
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Tamariz beach, Estoril

Praia do Tamariz

Tamariz beach is located in the popular and long established resort of Estoril at the Cascais end of the Lisbon - Cascais line. It's a lovely little stretch of sandy beach with plenty to do for all ages. There are rockpools for the kids and a host of bars, cafes and even a nightclub for everybody else. Running along the beachfront is a promenade which runs from just down the coast to Cascais - ideal for a gentle stroll and popular with joggers.

The beach is particularly easy to get to as there is a train station just behind the beach. A quick stroll through the underpass and you're on the beach. In the summer it can get pretty busy on Tamariz with the beach dotted with straw parasols.

The large faux castle at the eastern end of the beach is apparently owned by the Monaco royal family

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Tamariz Beach tide times

  • Sat 13th July
    Low 2:07am (1.38m)
    High 8:23am (2.71m)
    Low 2:15pm (1.51m)
    High 8:40pm (2.83m)
  • Sun 14th July
    Low 2:57am (1.47m)
    High 9:16am (2.67m)
    Low 3:15pm (1.58m)
    High 9:36pm (2.74m)
  • Mon 15th July
    Low 3:57am (1.52m)
    High 10:17am (2.66m)
    Low 4:26pm (1.60m)
    High 10:40pm (2.69m)
  • Tue 16th July
    Low 5:01am (1.52m)
    High 11:21am (2.71m)
    Low 5:37pm (1.54m)
    High 11:47pm (2.71m)

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