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Ribeira Beach

Ribeira beach - Cascais
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Cascais Ribeira beach

Fisherman’s Beach (Praia do Pescador)

Praia da Ribeira is the beach located closest to the square and old part of Cascais. Also known as Praia do Pescador (Fishersman’s Beach) there is often plenty of activity with small boats being launched and landed into the shallow waters of Cascais Bay. The waters here are calm as the beach lies within the shelter of a large breakwater. There is also a seasonal lifeguard service so this is a safe family beach. The water quality isn't perfect though as there are quite a few boats and fishing activity taking place here.

Backing onto the old town and overlooked by some of Cascais' grand villas this is a nice spot to soak up a bit of sunshine and watch the world go by. The sandy beach isn't that big though so it can get busy quickly

In summer there are often things going on on the esplanade behind the beach. These include regular craft fairs which sell wares varying from the traditional Portuguese to the plentiful African carved animal sellers.

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Ribeira Beach tide times

  • Fri 17th November

    High 01:37am (3.28m)
    Low 07:42am (0.83m)
    High 01:53pm (3.28m)
    Low 07:57pm (0.79m)
  • Sat 18th November

    High 02:11am (3.32m)
    Low 08:16am (0.80m)
    High 02:27pm (3.26m)
    Low 08:27pm (0.80m)
  • Sun 19th November

    High 02:43am (3.33m)
    Low 08:48am (0.80m)
    High 03:00pm (3.20m)
    Low 08:58pm (0.85m)
  • Mon 20th November

    High 03:15am (3.30m)
    Low 09:21am (0.85m)
    High 03:33pm (3.12m)
    Low 09:29pm (0.92m)

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