Praia da Rainha

Praia da Rainha
© Ruth Salvadinho
Praia da Rainha, Cascais
© Husond / CC BY-SA 3.0

Located not far from the centre of the old part of Cascais is the little cove of Praia da Rainha. Literally translated as "The Queen's beach" the name is in honour of the last queen of Portugal, Queen Amélia, who frequented this beach.

Praia da Rainha is a pretty little beach which differs from other beaches in the area in that it is quite enclosed by small cliffs and the town above. As well as providing ample shelter this serves to add a certain charm to the beach, which is one of the prettiest in Cascais. Behind the beach are various apartment buildings and grand villas. There is also the Largo da Praia da Rainha, a square which overlooks the beach where you can sit and have a bit to eat whilst enjoying the view.

With the obvious advantages of being located in the heart of Cascais and only a few minutes walk from the train station comes the drawback that the beach can become more than a little busy during the summer. A far cry from the days when Queen Amélia had it as her private beach.

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Praia da Rainha tide times

  • Sat 18th May
    Low 6:19am (1.34m)
    High 12:29pm (2.78m)
    Low 6:32pm (1.42m)
  • Sun 19th May
    High 12:40am (2.95m)
    Low 6:59am (1.24m)
    High 1:09pm (2.92m)
    Low 7:12pm (1.28m)
  • Mon 20th May
    High 1:21am (3.04m)
    Low 7:33am (1.14m)
    High 1:45pm (3.05m)
    Low 7:49pm (1.16m)
  • Tue 21st May
    High 1:58am (3.12m)
    Low 8:06am (1.06m)
    High 2:19pm (3.16m)
    Low 8:23pm (1.06m)

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