Praia de Santa Marta

Santa Marta Beach, Cascais
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Praia da Santa Marta
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Santa Marta Beach

This cove with a small sandy beach is located just behind the Marina in Cascais at the western end of the town. It is part of the Parque Marechal Carmona and whilst not the best beach in Cascais by any stretch, it is perhaps the most interesting.

The cove at Santa Marta is formed by a deep inlet, carved by the river Mochos as it flows to the ocean. The sandy area to the back of the beach that is revealed at low tide nestles under the trees of the park behind. But all this is overshadowed (literally) by the Palácio do Conde de Castro Guimarães, This grand, ornate villa with its imposing tower is built into the very bedrock of the beach and makes Santa Marta beach something of a fairy tale location.

Just beyond the palace is an old stone arch which carries the Avenida Rei Humberto II de Itália across the cove. Just on the other side of the bridge is a further patch of sand which is overlooked by a little cafe.

At the mouth of the cove is Cascais' famous lighthouse, the Santa Marta Lighthouse, with its stylish, modern museum.

Close by you can see the "Lapiás Coastal" - curious limestone formations resulting from the erosive action of the wind rain and the sea.

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Praia de Santa Marta tide times

  • Tue 5th December
    Low 1:42am (1.59m)
    High 8:11am (2.68m)
    Low 2:46pm (1.45m)
    High 9:01pm (2.49m)
  • Wed 6th December
    Low 2:59am (1.59m)
    High 9:17am (2.68m)
    Low 3:51pm (1.41m)
    High 10:03pm (2.57m)
  • Thu 7th December
    Low 4:07am (1.51m)
    High 10:18am (2.74m)
    Low 4:45pm (1.31m)
    High 10:56pm (2.69m)
  • Fri 8th December
    Low 5:01am (1.38m)
    High 11:10am (2.83m)
    Low 5:29pm (1.20m)
    High 11:41pm (2.84m)

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