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Ericeira Best Beaches

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Ericeira info
  • Praia das Maçãs (Apple beach) is one of the most popular beaches within striking distance of Lisbon.

  • Set in a valley between high cliffs, just to the north of Ericeira is the beach of Ribeira d'Ilhas.

  • The Praia dos Pescadores (Fishermen's beach) is Ericeira's central beach, but not by coincidence. Rather, the town was built around this beach which also serves as a harbour.

  • Just 35 minutes north of Lisbon on a section of toll-free motorway, the beautiful and wild Praia Azul, whose name translates to 'blue beach' is one of the first beaches associated with the famous wave

  • Just before you reach Ericeira from the Lisbon direction there is a deep valley through which the river Lizandro flows.

  • As the name suggests, Praia do Sul is on the southern fringes of Ericeira, or at least the old village.

  • Just to the north of Sintra, close to the village of Magoito is the relatively quiet beach of Magoito (Praia do Magoito).

  • At a around 7km from Ericeira, Praia de São Lourenço is the most northerly of what are considered the area's beaches.