2 Best Things to Do in Esposende

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  • Igreja do Bom Jesus da Cruz
    Igreja do Bom Jesus da Cruz

    Built in 1704 on the site of the miraculous apparition of a cross. The small, domed church is octagonal and built in a granite/whitewash style common to the north of Portugal. Like many churches in Portugal, the relative plainness of the exterior does not hint at the lavish interior.


  • Cividade de Terroso
    Cividade de Terroso
    PedroPVZ | BY-SA

    The ancient city of Cividade de Terroso is located on a hilltop a few kilometres inland of Póvoa de Varzim. It is estimated to be in the region of 3,000 years old and was one of the largest and most fortified settlements of the celtic Castro people.

    What makes up most of the remains of this Bronze Age city are the impressive granite walls belonging to a significant number of circular huts. In their day these would have had conical straw roofs and been home to hundreds of people. In addition there are some well preserved sections of the considerable defensive structures including a...



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The town of Esposende is firmly off the international tourist trail and you will find barely a mention of it in any guide book. Despite this Esposende is well worth a visit if you are passing, which you may well be if you are visiting the medieval...