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Praia da Bafureira

Praia da Bafureira
Photo: CM Cascais / All rights reserved

Praia da Bafureira is a little beach tucked away just around the headland from Praia de São Pedro do Estoril next door. If it wasn't for the quirky looking restaurant and nightclub built into the cliff face not many people would know Bafureira existed.

Bafureira is one of the smallest beaches on the Lisbon-Cascais coast and whilst there is a reasonable area of sand the shoreline is dominated by rocks making paddling and bathing rather uninviting. To the back of the beach is a steep cliff face which is prone to the occasional rocks falling. Therefore it is not advised to throw your towel down too close. This is not always an option as the sand all but disappears when the tide comes in.

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Praia da Bafureira tide times

  • Tue 21st February

    Low 04:52am (1.53m)
    High 11:02am (2.57m)
    Low 05:14pm (1.48m)
    High 11:32pm (2.74m)
  • Wed 22nd February

    Low 05:53am (1.37m)
    High 12:03pm (2.72m)
    Low 06:08pm (1.33m)
  • Thu 23rd February

    High 12:24am (2.92m)
    Low 06:39am (1.18m)
    High 12:49pm (2.89m)
    Low 06:51pm (1.15m)
  • Fri 24th February

    High 01:06am (3.11m)
    Low 07:18am (0.99m)
    High 01:29pm (3.06m)
    Low 07:29pm (0.97m)

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