2 Best Things to Do in Sao-Bartolomeu-De-Messines

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  • Zoomarine Algarve
    Zoomarine Algarve

    Promoting conservation, environmental education and FUN! Zoomarine combines an important message with hands on shows and a huge water park.

    Located just a few kilometers from Albufeira, here you can see presentations with the parks animals. The highlight of all these has to be the dolphin show which is along the lines of those at the famous Florida Seaworld. These feature displays of amazing acrobatics and the dolphins showing off their intelligence. Not only can you watch the performance, you can swim with the dolphins, although this does require booking in advance. 



  • Castelo de Paderne
    Castelo de Paderne

    Not a great deal remains of Parderne's castle, but given its antiquity this is not surprising. Built from sandstone and earth the castle sits on a promontory overlooking the Quarteira River around 10 kilometres inland from Albufeira.

    The site was originally used by the Romans in the 2nd century but the castle we see today was constructed in the 12th century by the Berbers. The fort passed backwards and forwards between its muslim creators and the christian re-conquerors over the following century. 

    In 1248 the castle was finally captured by the Portuguese forces who went on...


São Bartolomeu de Messines

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São Bartolomeu de Messines is a typically Portuguese small town which can feel like a different world from the busy and tourist-filled coastline just 10 kilometres away. Coming here and visiting the surrounding villages feels...