Casa do Corpo Santo

Casa do Corpo Santo
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Sala de Reuniões

Museum of the Baroque

The Casa do Corpo Santo (House of the Holy Body) is also known as the Museum of the Baroque. Situated close to one of the remaining sections of city wall that have protected Setúbal from attack for centuries, its own exterior perimeter wall and simple marble name plate give little away about what you might find inside.

This includes several relics from when the Casa do Corpo Santo was first built in the early 1700s, alongside beautiful blue and white tiling decoration added roughly 150 years later which lines many of the rooms from the floors to chest height.

The selection of age-old nautical instruments on the ground floor are sure to have some visitors harking back to times before mobile phones and the internet. However, the main reason to visit is to set eyes upon the magnificent artistry that adorns the baroque chapel on the upper floor.


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