Lagos Museum

Lagos Museum
Museu Municipal Lagos
Museu Regional de Lagos
Museu Regional de Lagos

Museu Municipal Dr. José Formosinho

Founded in 1932 and named after its founder, the Museu Dr. Jose Formosinho, to give it its full name, is Lagos's main museum. This is without doubt the best museum in the Algarve and whatever it is you're interested in, you'll probably find it here.

As you wander through the museum's many rooms you'll see displays connected to the local history, Portuguese coinage, military hardware from the Age of Discoveries, artworks and more. The archaeological finds here include a collection of Moorish pottery and an eclectic mix of findings going back to Neolithic times. A town charter awarded in 1504 is also on display.

Of particular note are the robes worn by King Sebastiao, the boy king, at a church ceremony held before he led 17,000 men on a disastrous invasion of Morocco in 1578. He and many of his army were to perish in the fighting.

The exit from the museum leads through the stunning interior of the small, Baroque Church of Santo Antonio, where almost everything you can see, apart from the pretty azulejo tiles, is painted in gold leaf. There are some interesting scenes from the life of Saint Anthony, with explanatory signs in English as well as in Portuguese.

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