Ermida Nossa Senhora do Repouso

Arco do Repouso and Hermitage
© Concierge.2C / CC BY-SA 3.0
Ermida Nossa Senhora do Repouso
© C.M. Faro
Ermida Nossa Senhora do Repouso
© andy_king50 / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Ermida Nossa Senhora do Repouso (Hermitage of Our Lady of Rest) is a small chapel with a Baroque-style façade. The building we see here today was mainly built in 18th century under the sponsorship of the Queen.  A notable feature of the church is that it is built into the Arco do Repousa, one of the ancient Arabic arches of the defensive walls of Faro's Old Town.

Legend tells that King Afonso III rested here in 1249 after expelling the Moors from the city and that he experienced a vision of Our Lady.  From this time on an image of The Virgin was placed here and this became a place of pilgrimage. 

The main wooden altar in the church is thought to be older than the building itself, having been salvaged from an older church in the area.

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