Aqueduto de Óbidos

Obidos Aqueduct
© Anitsircana / CC BY-SA 3.0
Aqueduto de Obidos
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Final section of Obidos Aqueduct
© Jean-Michel Brunet / CC BY-SA 3.0

Óbidos Aqueduct

The arches of the Aqueduto de Óbidos, or Óbidos Aqueduct, together create a simplistic form that has cut across the landscape to supply the town with water since it was first constructed on the orders of Catherine of Austria, the queen consort to King João III, in the 1570s. To fund it, she had to sell other lands under her ownership nearby, demonstrating just how important she thought the project was.

Running to the southeast, it has a total length of three kilometres, connecting up with a further three kilometres of tunnels which then begin at a natural spring close to Usseira. At its other end, the aqueduct comes to a stop within the walls of Óbidos, from where it continues to supply the public fountains with fresh water to this day.

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