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Praça do Giraldo - Evora

Praça do Giraldo - Evora

Praça do Giraldo is Evora's main square and one of Portugal's most charming Praças. The patterned cobbled square is surrounded by some of Evora's finest buildings with some great examples of Gothic and Romanesque architecture. In this view you can see the ornate Henriquina fountain. The fountain is reputedly located at the source of the Água de Prata Aqueduct (Aqueduct of Silver Water) and dates back to the 16th century. Praça do Giraldo is the heart of Evora life and its cafes and bars are popular with locals and tourists alike.


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Even from a distance the majestic importance of Evora is apparent, its cathedral dominating the view of the famous white and yellow city as it stands atop a hill surrounded by the vast expanses of the Alentejan plain in southeast...

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