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  • Porto Airport

    Porto International is, after Lisbon, the second busiest airport in Portugal. This not only reflects Porto's position as Portugal's second city but emphasises how Porto has grown as a tourist destination in recent years. Not too long ago Faro airport, which serves the Algarve, would have been busier. The airport was initially constructed in the 1940s and named Pedras Rubras Airport after the red soil local to the area.

  • Faro Airport

    Faro Airport is the gateway to the holiday resorts of Portugal's Algarve. Opened in 1965 the airport has grown in step with the package holiday industry that has made the Algarve's coast one of Europe's most popular holiday destinations. Today nearly 8 million passengers on around 30 different airlines pass through Faro's single terminal building. Also known as the Algarve Airport it is located 4km from Faro which is fairly centrally located on this coast as well as being the regional capital.

  • Lisbon Airport

    Lisbon's international airport is located in the north eastern suburbs, around 7km (4 miles) from the city centre. It is actually within walking distance of some of the city's attractions, if not the downtown district itself - something that can't be said about many other major airports. The airport opened in 1942, during World War II in which Portugal was neutral. Since then it has been upgraded many times and now has two runways and two terminals through which nearly 20 million people pass each year. Portela is now not only Portugal's main international gateway but a major European hub.