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  • Lisbon Tram Number 12

    It only takes around 20 minutes to complete the full circuit of Lisbon’s number 12 tram route, but climbing into one of the iconic, yellow Remodelado coaches can be a fun way of getting to see the Baixa and Alfama districts and taking in sights such as the Se Cathedral and St Anthony’s Church.

  • Lisbon Trams Guide

    One of the most iconic symbols of Lisbon are the old trams which rattle around the winding streets and avenues of the city. First established in 1873 the city has been running electric trams since 1901. The current trams are a mix of the vintage and the new, but when one thinks of a Lisbon tram it is most likely to be one of the old, yellow 'remodelados' which date back to the 1930s.

  • Lisbon Number 28 Tram

    The number 28 tram has become something of a Lisbon institution, being used by locals going about their daily business as well as offering tourists a unique way of exploring some of the city’s most historic areas.  Of all the tram routes that criss-cross the city it is the number 28 that has become so iconic as it takes in some of Lisbon's most defining views and neighbourhoods.

  • Getting to Portugal

    Planning your visit to Portugal should be a relatively straightforward affair as there are no shortage of low-cost direct flights from all over Europe. Portugal is also a popular destination for all in package deals and these can often be found at bargain prices during the low season or through last minute booking.