Igreja Paroquial de Massarelos

Igreja Paroquial de Massarelos

The façade of the Igreja Paroquial de Massarelos (Massarelos parish church) in Porto.  The church is a well known landmark in this part of Porto but is more often seen from the other end which backs right onto the riverside.

The church was built in the 18th century on the site of an older church that had been destroyed by fire and is dedicated to São Telmo.  There is a niche containing a statue of the saint above the main door.

Massarelos church has a fine example of a Baroque façade which is decorated in with typical Portuguese azulejos tiles. Unlike some of the better known churches in Porto these tiles just form a pattern as opposed to a depiction. However the inside is also decorated with azulejos including a panel depicting Henry the Navigator. This is fitting as the church was funded by an organisation founded by sailors who had survived a shipwreck.


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