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  • Portugal Food

    Ask a Portuguese person what the best cuisine in the world is and invariably the answer will be Portuguese. Now, whilst personally I'm a fan of Portuguese food I think most people would have difficultly justifying this against the likes of French and Italian food. Most Portuguese cuisine is unaffected, often consisting of veg and two meat (as opposed to meat and 2 veg!) or the fish equivalent. Lashings of olive oil, garlic and salt are also the order of the day. However, gourmets need not despair!

  • Typical Portuguese dishes


    Caldo verde

    Sopa à Portuguesa

    Sopa de Cozido

    Canja de Galinha

    Fish / seafood

    Ameijoas na cataplana

    Açorda de marisco

    Lulas recheadas

    Lampreia à Minho

    Bacalhau com natas

    Bacalhau abras

    Sardinhas grelhadas


    Bife na frigideira

    Cabrito assado

    Carne de porco à Alentejana

    Espedata mista

    Feijoada (à Transmontana)

    Cozido à Portuguesa


    Frango de churrasco


    Pudim flá

    Arroz doce