11 of the Best Beaches in Sao-bartolomeu-de-messines

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  • Armação de Pêra
    Praia Nova
    Rsantus | BY-SA

    Praia Nova is one of the lesser known beaches in the Armação de Pera area. Neighbouring the popular Praia da Senhora da Rocha these two beaches are in fact joined by a tunnel which has been cut through the headland that separates them.

    The beach here is sheltered by the high cliffs, which also means there are quite a few steps down to the beach. It is important to note that these cliffs are unstable in places and rock falls can happen. Therefore it is advised that you avoid sitting...



São Bartolomeu de Messines

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São Bartolomeu de Messines is a typically Portuguese small town which can feel like a different world from the busy and tourist-filled coastline just 10 kilometres away. Coming here and visiting the surrounding villages feels...