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Praia Castelo do Queijo

Praia Castelo do Queijo
Praia Castelo do Queijo

Praia Castelo do Queijo translates to "Cheese castle beach"! The name actually comes from the Fort of São Francisco Xavier which overlooks the beach. It is said that the fort was built on a rock that resembled an enormous piece of cheese.

The beach itself is a short stretch of sand and rocks which backs onto a promenade. Not generally as popular as Matasinhos around the corner the beach still gets busy during the summer months

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Praia Castelo do Queijo tide times

  • Mon 17th February

    Low 4:03am (0.53m)
    High 10:15am (3.44m)
    Low 4:23pm (0.49m)
    High 10:36pm (3.52m)
  • Tue 18th February

    Low 4:46am (0.43m)
    High 10:57am (3.46m)
    Low 5:01pm (0.47m)
    High 11:15pm (3.57m)
  • Wed 19th February

    Low 5:26am (0.42m)
    High 11:36am (3.40m)
    Low 5:37pm (0.51m)
    High 11:52pm (3.54m)
  • Thu 20th February

    Low 6:03am (0.49m)
    High 12:13pm (3.29m)
    Low 6:11pm (0.61m)

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