Naturist Beaches in Portugal

Like most countries in Western Europe Portugal has a fairly relaxed attitude to nudism on its beaches. As such there are many spots along the Portuguese coast where naturism is tolerated. In fact there are around 60 plus beaches where this is the case.

At present only 8 of these beaches are regarded as "official" naturist beaches but this number has grown over recent years.

It is worth noting that these beaches are not distributed evenly along Portugal's coast. The majority are concentrated along the Algarve with a god few more along Alentejo's Atlantic coast. Whilst none of the Lisbon/Cascais beaches are considered naturist some of the finest in the country can be found around the corner near Sintra or just across the river at Costa da Caparica. From here on north naturist beaches become a little more sparse with only a handful between Porto and the Spanish border.

Portugal Nudist Beaches