Lisbon Beaches

One of the things that makes Lisbon such a special city is its proximity to so many truly amazing beaches. This is something no other European capital can offer and in fact very few cities worldwide come close.

Within half an hour of the city centre you can be lying on golden sand soaking up the sun or even surfing world class waves. A little further afield and you could be on the dramatic and wild Atlantic coast. 

Lisbon's nearest beaches are located along the coast that stretches westwards from the city towards the popular resort town of Cascais. These tend to increase in quality (and cleanliness) the further out of Lisbon you head with Carcavelos beach being the first beach where you would want to consider heading into the sea. The beaches beyond here include those of Estoril and Cascais, all of which have their own individual characters. What makes this stretch of coast so fantastic though is the train service that runs between Lisbon and Cascais - the "Linha". Cheap and reliable the trains stop within minutes of virtually every beach along the coast, taking less than an hour to go from one end of the line to the other.

For those happy to travel a little further there are a range of options, all of which are well within day trip territory. The choice basically boils down to whether to head south, across the river from Lisbon or north and west towards Sintra. But whichever you choose the beaches are very different.

Across the Tejo river, just minutes from the huge 25 Abril suspension bridge are the beaches of Costa da Caparica. This gently curving coastline is made up of 15 km of virtually unbroken golden sand backed by dunes which becomes increasingly wild the further south you head.

Further south still and you will reach the stunning coastline of Sesimbra and Arrabida.

The coastline to the north and west of Lisbon starts once you round the corner from Cascais. A few minutes drive out of the town and you will arrive at Guincho beach, a wild, beautiful and often windswept beach. Popular with surfers and kitesurfers this beach takes the full force of the Atlantic Ocean and the waves will be significantly bigger than along the Lisbon-Cascais coast.

Beyond here is Cabo da Roca, the most westerly point in mainland Europe. As you can imagine the coastline here is quite rugged, but it is dotted with some spectacular coves, although some of these are rather challenging to get to. A little north and this becomes the Sintra coast where there are a number of very good, easily accessible beaches. The biggest of these is the aptly named Praia Grande which is a wonderful, wide beach only a few kilometres west of Sintra itself. Also not to be missed is Praia das Maçãs (Apple beach); this charming, family friendly beach is equally close to Sintra but can be reached by tram from the nearby village of Colares.

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Guide Lisbon's closest and best beaches

Beaches near Lisbon (in order of distance)

  • Estoril - Tamariz beach

    Tamariz beach is located in the popular and long established resort of Estoril at the Cascais end of the Lisbon - Cascais line. It's a lovely little stretch of sandy beach with plenty to do for all ages. There are...

    Blue Flag beach Accessible beach
  • Costa da Caparica beach

    Caparica itself is a lively if not particularly pretty town whose overwhelming popularity with holidaying locals from Lisbon and the surrounding area rests...

  • Praia das Moitas

    Set between the resort towns of Cascais and Estoril is the little strip of sand known as Praia das Moitas. The beach is actually located closer to...

    Blue Flag beach Accessible beach
  • Praia de Duquesa - Cascais

    This popular beach gets its name from the Palace of the Dukes of Palmela (Palacio do Duque de Palmela) which overlooks it. Along with adjoining Praia de Conceição, this is the most easily accessed beach from Cascais...

  • Praia da Conceição - Cascais

    The first thing to know about Praia da Conceição is how to say it. The 'Praia' part is easy - just say as 'pry-a'. However, the Conceição is a little more of a challenge to those not familiar with...

    Blue Flag beach Accessible beach
  • Praia da Rainha

    Located not far from the centre of the old part of Cascais is the little cove of Praia da Rainha. Literally translated as "The Queen's beach" the name is in honour of the last...

    Blue Flag beach
  • Ribeira beach - Cascais

    Praia da Ribeira is the beach located closest to the square and old part of Cascais. Also known as Praia do Pescador (Fishersman’s Beach) there is often plenty of activity with small boats being launched and landed...

  • Santa Marta Beach, Cascais

    This cove with a small sandy beach is located just behind the Marina in Cascais at the western end of the town. It is part of the Parque Marechal Carmona and whilst not the best beach in Cascais by any stretch, it is...

  • Beach 19 - Lisbon - Costa da Caparica

    Beach 19 lies between the more traditionally named Praia da Bela Vista and Praia Fonte da Telha in Costa da Caparica. Just across the bridge from Lisbon this massive stretch of sandy coast is widely regarded as a...

    Costa da Caparica
    Naturist / Nudist beach
  • Guincho beach

    Located just around the corner from Cascais is one of the regions best known beaches. Unlike the beaches of Cascais and Estoril, Praia do Guincho faces directly into the Atlantic Ocean making it a very different...