Santo Andre Ship Museum

Navio-Museu Santo André
Navio-Museu Santo André
Museu Marítimo de Ílhavo

Navio-Museu Santo André

the Santo Andre Ship Museum is a real decommissioned fishing trawler which visitors can explore to get a true picture of what life is like on board. This former cod fishing trawler is an extension of the Ilhavo Maritime Museum and is found in the palm-fringed Jardim Oudinot in the village of Gafanha da Nazare to the west of Aveiro.

The vessel was operational from 1948 until 1997 during which time it trawled the seas from Newfoundland to Norway in search of Portugal’s beloved codfish (bacalhau). The trawler is over 70 metres long and has the capacity to store over 1000 tonnes of fish. 

Exploring the galley, dormitories, captain’s quarters and engine room will give a taste of the often harsh life of a Portuguese trawlerman. 

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