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  • Casa da Baía - Setubal

    With its dark blue plasterwork and contrasting pale stonework windows, it's not hard to spot Setúbal's Casa da Baía, or House of the Bay. Only a short walk from the town's main square, the Praça de Bocage, it was built in the aftermath of the...

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  • Casa de Lucia - Fatima

    Between 13th May and 13th October 1917, three local shepherd children living near Fátima are said to have witnessed apparitions of the Virgin Mary.  The Sanctuary in Fatima is now a...

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  • Exhibits from the Palaeolithic, Neolithic and Metal Ages. Includes items from the nearby Cidade das Rosas excavation dating back to the 1st century

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  • Alfândega Régia - Vila do Conde

    Vila do Conde has been one of Portugal's foremost ship-building ports since the 1200s, when a powerful navy was arguably even more important than it is today. This heritage eventually led to Portuguese sailors making some of the most important...

    Vila do Conde
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  • Navio-Museu Santo André

    the Santo Andre Ship Museum is a real decommissioned fishing trawler which visitors can explore to get a true picture of what life is like on board. This former cod fishing trawler is an extension of the...

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  • Santa Marta lighthouse - Cascais

    The easily recognisable Santa Marta lighthouse stands on what was once the southern tip of Cascais (the marina now extends beyond the point). Built in 1868 on the site of a 17th century fort the lighthouse only came into operation after the site...

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  • Centro Cultural de Belem

    Referred to simply as the CCB, this beautifully designed Centro Cultural de Belem was originally built to serve as headquarter for the Portuguese Presidency of the EU in 1992. It now provides over 100,000 square metres...

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  • Museu de Arqueologia e Etnografia, Setubal

    A short wander north from the harbour, Setúbal's Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography (Museu de Arqueologia e Etnografia) is located on the busy Avenida Luisa Todi thoroughfare.

    The museums archaeological displays are focussed around the...

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  • Casa do Infante

    Also known as the Alfândega Velha (Old Customs House), this is the house which, in 1394, Prince Henry the Navigator was born in (or Infante D. Henrique as he was known locally).

    The restored...

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  • Museu do Brinquedo Português / Toy Museum - Ponte de Lima

    The Portuguese Toy Museum (Museu do Brinquedo Português) is housed in the Casa do Arnado and its annexes, directly across the medieval bridge from Ponte de Lima. The permanent exhibition takes us on a journey through the Portuguese toy...

    Ponte de Lima
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