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  • Museu dos Terceiros - Ponte de Lima

    Set within a complex of two churches; the 15th century church of Santo António dos Frades and Igreja dos Terceiros - just to the south of the town centre, is the Museu dos Terceiros or Museum of the Third Order. This is in part a museum of sacred...

    Ponte de Lima
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  • Casa de Serralves

    Also known as the National Museum of Modern Art, the Fundação de Serralves has an impressive permenant collection and regular exhibitions. The museum is set in the beautiful gardens of the Serralves park

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  • Joanina Library, Coimbra

    Exquisitely ornate Baroque library of the University of Coimbra. Around 250 thousand volumes are contained within this priceless icon of Portuguese culture.

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  • Evora Cathedral cloisters

    Évora's imposing cathedral (Sé Catedral de Évora) is situated in the very heart of the old city and the UNESCO World Heritage site. The oldest parts of the building date back to the 12th century, which was when the Moors were finally driven out...

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  • Rendas de Bilros - Lace Making Museum

    Perfectly located for anyone touring the sights of central Vila do Conde, this museum of traditional lace making isn't just a building full of examples of Portuguese and international lace. It is also a working art school teaching this...

    Vila do Conde
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  • Cerro da Vila - Bathhouses

    The Cerro de Vila museum is located near the Quarteira suburb of Vilamoura, on the Algarve coastline.  Some pretty interesting Roman archaeological excavations are to be found here, with most of the ruins...

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  • Casa do Corpo Santo - Setubal

    The Casa do Corpo Santo (House of the Holy Body) is also known as the Museum of the Baroque. Situated close to one of the remaining sections of city wall that have protected Setúbal from attack for centuries, its own exterior perimeter wall and...

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  • Palácio do Raio - Braga

    Braga's Raio Palace, or Palácio do Raio, was built in the 1750s as the private home of João Duarte de Faria. Although Faria had made considerable wealth as a merchant, he was also a knight of the Military Order of Christ - better known as the...

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  • Casa Museu Dr. Anastácio Gonçalves

    This museum located in central Lisbon district of Saldanha is named after its one time owner, the eminent ophthalmologist and art collector Doctor Anastácio Gonçalves (1888-1965). The house is known as the Casa Malhao as it was the home and...

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  • Faro Museu Municipal / Convento Senhora da Assunção

    Also known as the Museu Municipal, this was founded as an archaeological museum in 1894 and is well worth a visit if you are in Faro.  It occupies the site of the 16th century convent of Nossa Senhora da ...

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