Best Things to Do in Guimaraes

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  • Igreja da Misericórdia - Braga

    This 16th century church is Braga's most important legacy of the renaissance period. It contains an impressive baroque carved altar

  • Archbishop's Palace and Santa Barbara Garden

    These small but attractive public gardens are located adjacent to the eastern wing of the 14th century Archbishop's Palace. The garden takes advantage of the historic backdrop and also incorporates the medieval arches that remain of an arcade...

  • Igreja de São Vicente - Braga

    Built in 1565 and restored in 1691, São Vicente sits on the site of a much earlier Visigoth church. As with many catholic churches the rather functional exterior does not betray the luxurious interior.

  • Archbishop's Palace - Braga

    Set between the Santa Barbara garden and Praça do Municipio is the Archiepiscopal Court (Paço Arquiepiscopal), one of Braga's most significant historic buildings. The palace is in fact is a set of three interconnected buildings each with its own...

    Palaces and Historic Houses
  • Arco da Porta Nova - Braga

    Translating from the Portuguese as the Arch of the New Gate, the Arco da Porta Nova is an ornamental gateway leading into the historic centre of Braga from the west. Located on the pedestrianised Rua do D. Diogo de Sousa, it was constructed to a...

  • Biscainhos Museum - Braga

    Located in a 16th century manor house, the museum has a permanent collection of furniture, ceramics, glass and clocks displayed in situ to recreate the decor of an 18th century manor house

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