Electricity Museum

Electricity Museum - Lisbon
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Lisbon Electricity Museum
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Museu da Eletricidade
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Museu da Electricidade
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Museu da Electricidade

Museum housed in the old riverside power station. Presents the history of energy through a series of experimental exhibits and cultural context

The Electricity Museum (Museu da Electricidade) is housed in the old power station on the banks of the river Tejo in Belém. In an area crammed full of historic monuments the Electricity Museum could be overlooked, however, it has worked hard to broaden its appeal and is far more worthy of a visit than its name might suggest!

The primary subject of the museum is the Tejo Power Station and how electricity was made there. But the building itself and the huge spaces within are probably the main attraction. Built between 1908 and 1951 this is one of the finest examples of industrial architecture in Portugal. Visitors can look around the old generating rooms and see the massive machines that once powered Lisbon. There is plenty of educational material on display too with the museum actively encouraging an interest in science.

As well as the main exhibits the museum also hosts a collection of related art including photography, painting and sculpture.

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