Autodromo do Algarve

Autódromo Internacional do Algarve
Autódromo do Algarve
Klugschnacker | BY-SA

Portugal's answer to the Nurburgring

The last time Portugal hosted the Grand Prix was in 1996.  Since then $250 million has been spent putting the infrastructure in place to bring Formula 1 back to Portugal.  The Autodromo, just outside Portimão is a 2.9 mile (5km) circuit which has been compared to the old Nurburgring for its big downhill slopes and hair-raising sharp turns.

It has been used since 2010 as a F1 testing site and hosts regular motoring events, including the World Superbike Championship and the F1A GT. A five star hotel and a number of apartment blocks can also be found on the site, as well as a sports centre.

Driving Experiences

The track offers Audi and Porsche driving experiences and operates a racing school.  For thrill seekers who don’t actually want to sit in the driving seat, the hot laps experience gives a chance to be driven around a couple of laps by a A1A racing school instructor. 


Across from the track is a state-of-the-art high-speed karting track, offering karts of different capabilities to suit the ability of the driver.  There are mini-karts available for kids to play around in as well as some serious 270cc karts for those who fancy something a little faster.

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